Enquiry Management System Software

Hassle-free enquiry management to satisfy customers with minimal response time. For most businesses, customers are the most important asset they have.

"74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their top priority."

Your organization runs advertisements, campaigns, emails, even calls, spending countless hours and dollars getting enquiries about your products or services. But what happens when your salespeople do finally see some interest? Every enquiry should be taken seriously, but this is nearly impossible without a strong enquiry management system in place. Every inquiry you receive is an opportunity to make a good impression and convert leads into your customer, and the last thing you want to do is to lose your hard earned lead. (Read Dollars !!)

That’s why many businesses are using Enquiry Management Systems to create a consistent approach to every enquiry they receive — and never miss an opportunity to make a good first impression. We have a solution that helps customers in managing enquiry, customer databases, creating quotations and a lot of other features. This solution is specifically designed for Furniture Manufacture and Distributors but can be used to any other industry by making industry specific changes and client’s requirements.

Never Miss a Deadline.Each enquiry is a potential deal. Nurturing them with timely attention is crucial to generate sales. Even a slight delay in the process may lead to losing customers to competitors. With our enquiry management software, you can track the status of every enquiry, schedule follow-up actions, and set reminders to never miss a deadline. Satisfy your customers with timely responses to strengthen customer relationships.

Strengthen Team Effort

The software application aids in increasing your team’s efficiency by organizing their efforts. You can mark any enquiry to the sales management team members while enjoying information transparency to track and reassign enquiries with complete follow-up history.

Never leave an enquiry unattended with our online enquiry management software. Track each enquiry, organize leads and streamline follow-ups then assign reminders via SMS and email notifications to make the process smooth going.

Enquiry Management System Salient Features

» Manage Customer database

» Manage quotations and estimates

» Alert on activities like next followup

» Check conversation History of individual customer

» Detail MIS to support and understand customer requirements and follow up

We Offer

» Flexible pricing

» Free demo available

» Advance customer search

» Build more features as per requirement

» Hotel Furniture Manufacturer can take advantage of 7,000 Hotels Database in the US